Terms & Conditions

Any changes as determined by the sole discretion of Compass Travel INC to these terms and conditions during the life of the Membership program shall amend these terms and conditions and be incorporated herein.

Membership points are not transferable

Compass Membership reward gained points with in the 365 days of calendar year will be voided if not used within the specific year.

An individual may use one Compass Membership Card only.

Each Compass Membership Card is strictly personal. In case of misuse of the Compass Membership Card or use not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, Compass Membership will be cancelled and all accumulated Compass Miles may be void.

Compass Travel reserves the right to terminate or change the Compass Membership Program or any part thereof at any time, with or without prior notice. In the event the program termination, all Compass Miles accumulated by Members may be cancelled. Compass Travel will use reasonable effort to give members prior notice of termination of the program. Compass Travel shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from termination or change.

Member agrees that any tax or other liability incurred by member as a result of membership in the Compass membership program or use of any award, service, facility or benefit, from Compass Travel or from a Compass Travel Partners will be the sole responsibility of Member.

Compass Travel is not responsible for postal delays and damages caused by the postal services of any country.

By applying for membership of Compass Travel Membership Program, a member has right to explicitly authorize Compass Travel and any of the organizations with which Compass Travel has made arrangements with in connection with and for a proper performance of the program to provide the stored information on Member to each other and to use such information for its respectively their marketing or communication purposes.

The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the USA.

Any misconduct, fraud or abuse by a Member concerning Compass may result in administrative or legal action, including cancellation of membership.

Membership is only open to individual persons aged 4 years or over; and is not available to Airline or Travel Agency staff.

Members must produce their membership card at point of sale to earn mileage with Compass Travel or with Compass Partners.